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Europe Deposits by Country

CountryInflationGDPPopulationInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
Ukraine49%6,665*42,977,36720.00% - UAHDec 2016
Georgia4.1%6,1454,490,50011.50% - GELDec 2016
Turkey7.8%13,90576,667,8649.25% - TRYDec 2016
Russia8.9%14,913146,149,2008.00% - RUBDec 2016
Iceland3.9%41,000328,1704.65% - ISKDec 2016
Serbia2.2%10,6427,146,7594.50% - RSDDec 2016
Macedonia2.8%10,9042,065,7692.00% - MKDDec 2016
Norway1.9%53,4715,156,4501.40% - NOKDec 2016
United Kingdom2%34,38864,105,6541.40% - GBPDec 2016
Bosnia8,1273,791,6221.20% - BAMJan 2016
Deposit Rates by Major Countries
CountryInflationGDPPopulationInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
Germany2.2%34,38880,767,0000.30% - EURDec 2016
United Kingdom2%34,38864,105,6541.40% - GBPDec 2016
Italy2.3%29,418*60,783,7111.00% - EURDec 2016
Spain3.1%29,62546,507,7600.05% - EURDec 2016

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  • Q: Which is currently the highest paying deposit in the EU (Barclay's, Deutch Bank, Credit Suisse, etc . . .), covered by thethe "Deposit Guarantee Fund" ?

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