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Europe Deposits by Country

CountryInflationGDPPopulationInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
Ukraine49%6,665*42,977,36721.25% - UAHAug 2016
Georgia4.1%6,1454,490,50010.50% - GELAug 2016
Turkey7.8%13,90576,667,8649.25% - TRYAug 2016
Russia8.9%14,913146,149,2008.30% - RUBAug 2016
Iceland3.9%41,000328,1705.35% - ISKAug 2016
Serbia2.2%10,6427,146,7594.50% - RSDAug 2016
Macedonia2.8%10,9042,065,7692.00% - MKDAug 2016
Norway1.9%53,4715,156,4501.40% - NOKAug 2016
United Kingdom2%34,38864,105,6541.38% - GBPAug 2016
Bosnia8,1273,791,6221.20% - BAMJan 2016
Deposit Rates by Major Countries
CountryInflationGDPPopulationInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
Germany2.2%34,38880,767,0000.30% - EURAug 2016
United Kingdom2%34,38864,105,6541.38% - GBPAug 2016
Italy2.3%29,418*60,783,7111.00% - EURAug 2016
Spain3.1%29,62546,507,7600.05% - EURAug 2016

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    Q: Am I reading this correctly ?Interest rate would be 10% per annum on about $41,000 USD for 2 year term period ?

    Don from Sioux Falls, United States
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    Q:Hello, could you please provide me with answers to the following questions:1) Can I open a Time Deposit/Savings Account from Portugal. via the internet 2) Can I (an Portuguese citizen) open a Time Deposit account in your bank?3) If so, what are the requirements?4) Can the interest be withdrawn on monthly basis or can it only be withdrawn at the end of the 1 yr. 5) Can I have a time deposit in Euros and receave interests in Euros too?6) What is the current interest rate paid and the amount required to open a Time Deposit(Savings) account?Thank you for you help in advance.Al D.

    Victor from Portugal
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    Q: what isthe interest rate deposit for 62.000 pounds If i put the money Closed for 6 months or 12 months

    ilias from Greece
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    Q: what the interest rate for 60.000 pounds ukif I put the money Closed for 6 months the time

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    Q: Is this offer only on line

    Patricia from Gloucester, United Kingdom